Sharkbite Studios
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Sharkbite Mix

Sharkbite Mix

Mix Room

The Room!

The most frequently overlooked piece of gear is the room itself!
Our room was carefully built and then tuned by Bob Hodas.


Barefoot MicroMain 27’s


Pro Tools HD3 w/ 8.1 on an Intel Mac
MCI JH-110 1/2” 2 track for analog mixdown
Alesis - Masterlink
TC Electronics Finalizer


Manley - Vari-Mu
Alan Smart - C2
Demeter - VTCL-2

Preamp / EQ’s

Chandler Ltd. Curve Bender
Amek - 9098 (x2)
Calrec - PQ 1061 (pair racked by Brent Averill)
Audio Arts - Model 4200B Parametric EQ


Bricasti - M7
Lexicon - PCM90


We have full, LEGAL, versions of the following plugs:
Waves Platinum Bundle
Slate VCC
UAD Quad plus many plugs
Propellerheads Reason 4
URS Classic Console Equalizer and Compressor Bundle
Wavemachine Labs Drumagog
Sound Toys Sound Blender
All Digidesign plugs
Celemony Melodyne Pitch/Time Editor
Massey - All Plugs

Random Stuff

Sans Amp PSA
Rane Headphone amp
8 channel mic snake

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