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Consoles and Monitors

Consoles and Monitors

Studio A

Studio A:

1978 Trident TSM with Uptown Moving Fader Automation.
40 inputs, 24 busses and a 32 channel monitor section.
Major board service was just completed under the supervision of John Klett of Tech Mecca Inc. Servicing included a global recap, replacement of all aux send pots with pots that include a push/pull - on/off feature, replacement of mic and line pots as needed, switches as needed and global replacement of patch bay points.


Genelec 1031’s
Yamaha NS-10’s
Custom soffit-mount speakers designed by Charles Rook. 2x15 w/ a horn.
Hafler & BGW Amplifiers
Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones (4 pair)
Many miscellaneous headphones…

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