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Studio A


JMI era copper panel AC-30. 6 input top boost version with original (but re-coned) blues.
JMI era grey panel AC-30 with silver’s (we have two of these).


1959 Bassman Frankenstein. Original ‘59 chassis loaded into a Vox AC-30 cabinet with two 12” Celestion Alnico Silver’s. Not available for all sessions- please ask in advance!

1973 Twin Reverb. Blackfaced and fitted with 2 Weber California speakers.

Deluxe Reverb (modern version)


Old Flame. 4x10 combo amp 40 watts with 2 6L6’s.

Nau Engineering:

50 Watt EL-34 based 2 channel head w/ matching 4x10 cab.
Really versatile amp with lots of sounds ranging from Fender clean to Marshall raw.


1484. 40 watt head with matching 2x12 cab


Quiana 2x12 combo.

Lugosi Amps:

Built by Ryan…
5E3 Tweed Deluxe combo clone
18 Watt Marshall Clone
JTM 45 with Heyboer Transformers
JTM 45 with Mercury Magnetics Transformers


1x12 with a Weber California (8ohm)
2x12 open back with one Celestion G12H30 and one Vintage 30 (8ohm)
2x12 closed back with two Weber Thames (16ohm)
4x12 with 4 Celestion G12H30’s (8ohm)

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